Thank You…Power Words That Pay

A card more sweeter than a valentine
A card more sweet than a valentine

Rarely are we presented with such an easy task that wields so much power and an opportunity to improve our business. I am always moved when I find a thank you note in my mail. The card sender automatically earns space in my thoughts.

Early in my career, a manager that hired me shared that it was a tough decision as there were many good candidates. I, though, was the only one to write a thank you note. An inexpensive note card and five minutes to write and mail it had set me apart (and all along I had thought it was my intellect and charisma!).

We live in a digital world but the most sensational ecard or the most eloquently crafted email simply cannot rival a good, old-fashioned, hand written thank you card. Pick up a box of thank you notes this weekend while you’re searching for that last minute Valentine’s card and try sending a few next week.

What warrants a thank you card? Landing a new client would certainly qualify but someone who said just the right thing and made your day just a little better would be worthy, too. Maybe you’ve been trying to reach a potential client on the phone and were finally successful. Thank them for their time (and include your business card, of course!).

It feels good to be appreciated. I guarantee that a few simple, sincere sentences expressing your gratitude will be rewarded. Use this tool to set yourself apart and watch your business and relationships grow.


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