A Flip Video Love Story

Vicki and her loveable new friend
Vicki and her loveable new friend

What’s smaller than a toaster, slower than a turtle and as much fun as a talking cat? I had been waiting a week. My new toy was a day late and I was getting anxious. And then, yesterday, finally…My new love was wrapped in my arms.

My new Flip video camera was only a box cutter away. I’m working on a second blog— 42best.com —coming soon to a computer screen near you. It’s being developed to talk about the coolest of products for people like you and I.

But, for now, back to the Flip video…It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. It’s sleek, ergo-friendly design is easy to learn and manage. What it lacks are adjustment controls for things such as lighting, resolution and flash. In my opinion, though, these are not shortfalls—they are blessings.

For Christmas, I bought one for my daughter. I wanted one but said to myself, “just get the old one out and put it to use”. Well, the videos Gods decided to shine on me and I was the Flip Video gift recipient now. He’s sleeping on the desk beside me (I always humanize my favorite gadgets). He took the cat’s place who moved to the chair with me.

Being my father’s daughter, printed how-to instructions and I are like water and oil (funny thing when my business is all about words, huh). Anyway, I had this sweet little video camera up and running in a matter of minutes after reading less than four sentences (the reason the old one is in the drawer). In no time at all I had a test video of the disgruntled cat playing on my computer screen. The quality is exceptional considering the size and ease of use. A limited zoom feature and clear sound make this a must do for anyone looking for fast fame and on the go portability.

Oh, the possibilities! The simple, straight-forward, no learning curve opens up a whole new world for fun and business.

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