A Virtual Receptionist—Hire One Today

A simple phone solution for small businesses
A simple phone solution for small businesses

There was a time when the hustle and bustle of my office hummed with conversation, interaction and phones ringing. Today, it purrs with the sound of sleeping cats, Twitter tweets and email notifications.

If you haven’t noticed, our lives are on the brink of a virtual reality. Most dictionary definitions of virtual now include something along the lines of this one from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Being on or simulated on a computer or computer network—occurring or existing primarily online.

For the past couple years, all the minds and masters of creativity that contribute in assorted ways to the continuing Eagle Publishing saga have moved home to work with my blessings. Their cats need them, too.

In the beginning of our newly enlightened state, since I was the only one remaining in the office, I became the phone receptionist. Since I travel and am away from “the office” a good deal of the time and, admittedly, really did not want the job, we had a problem.

Enter—the virtual world. A Google search rounded up several virtual receptionists. I chose Onebox. It was easy to set up and can be administered online. Viola! Problem solved. It’s just too cool!

Here’s how it works…You call us on our office phone using the local or our 800 number. Onebox answers the call (I know it’s not a live person but this woman knows her stuff—trust me). You’re offered an assortment of extensions. You choose and your call is forwarded while you listen to soothing music. If your target is on another line or busy saving the world or getting coffee, you’re sent into voicemail and we’re notified via email so we can call you back.

I’ll soon be eliminating our landlines all together and directing callers to use our new toll-free Onebox number, 866-638-1115 (which btw is included in the very affordable cost of the service). You can also fax to this number. Your fax is converted to a .pdf and sent to our email to be viewed anytime, anywhere. I love it!

Save money, service our clients better and spend more time with our cats. Can it get any better? I’m still waiting for the clone service but until then, I grateful for my virtual receptionist. We’ll be talking to you soon, I hope.


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