Let Your Passion Set You Free OR Help! I’m Scared!

Put your passion to work
Put your passion to work

When you think about passion, does it conjure up visions of two people intertwined in a passionate embrace. Whether you’re romantically involved or not, seek to integrate passion into your everyday lives. Passion can fuel your energy better than a cup of coffee and help you navigate through resistance.
A young friend and I have been discussing her desire to start a business. Sam, my friend, is brimming with questions. The big ones—How did you know what business to start? How do know the right things to do to compete? Did you need lots of money to start a business?
Like many would be entrepreneurs, Sam would love to spend her days doing things she loves on her own terms. How do you know, though, which business is the “right” one? Sam struggles with the nagging doubt that she wouldn’t have anything “special” enough to offer.
Although I believe the ideas I’ve based my businesses on were teetering on the edge of brilliance (ok…I admit it…I secretly always thought they were over the edge), they didn’t have the cultural impact of, say, the invention of the telephone or computers.
What they did have was the benefit of a passion for invention and creativity that I have been nurturing all my life . Can passion alone make a business succeed? No. Can it be a critical factor in your success? Absolutely. I’ve often had people comment on how courageous I was starting my businesses. I love this quote by Ambrose Redmoon:

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

When it comes to starting a business, that something else would be you! It might also be the realization that you can make difference in the lives of others by making a difference in your own. Always remember that every thought you think and every action you take is creating your future. You are what you believe you are and your passion can set you free to focus and be all you can be—It’s like an “advance pass go” to success card.

Passion resides within all of us. Find yours and you’re on your way.


2 thoughts on “Let Your Passion Set You Free OR Help! I’m Scared!

  1. Suggestion–read Stephen R. Covey’s book First Things First to assist you in finding your passion or “true north”

    1. First Things First is a good book for finding your passion. I also like to recommend David Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big. It offers a lot of tools for success.

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