Seeing Past Stress—A Powerful Incantation

Four words that can conquer stress

Earlier today, I was visiting with a friend and business associate. “I’ve run out of tricks”, she said, “I used to think I always had the answer but I just don’t know what to do”. The economy and wh

at can feel like a chaotic spiral into the abyss is taking its toll on even the leaders of the pack—the strong, the confident and the creative.

We’ve all had those days. You know the ones. You wake up and don’t feel as wise as you thought you were. Or, the times when your once perceived valuable experiences seem trivial and ineffective for transcending from the boom days of yesteryear to the wallet challenged days of tomorrow.

What can you do to shift your position? Start by telling yourself that it will be ok. Sound too simple?

I once had a dear friend who came to me battling overwhelming feelings of doubt and hopelessness. My analytical, take care of it nature had me jumping to find a solution. “Here’s what I’d do…” was rolling off my tongue faster than honey on hot pancakes. The look of distress on his face told me this wasn’t the right tactic. “Well, what if…” quickly followed yet still, there was no response. It was clear—I was compounding the problem.

Feeling powerless, I asked if there was anything I could do. “Just tell me it’ll be ok,” he said. And so, I said, “It’ll be ok”. His face relaxed. I could feel the power of this simple affirmation. I said it again, “It’ll be ok—really”.

Try the magic of positive self-talk the next time your day heads in the wrong direction, you’re plagued with anxiety or it feels like fear is winning the game. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Say to your self, “It will be ok”. It works.

When I was barely twenty, I read The Power of Positive Thinking, which was first published in 1952. The message is timeless—positive thoughts create a positive reality. I still have the tattered copy on my bookshelves.

I’d also like to recommend The Law of Attraction in Action: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Transforming Your Life. Deanna Davis, a friend and the book’s author, will help you take the steps to transform your intentions into positive reality. The book will feel like a visit with a friend—a friend with action oriented chat and a sense of humor.

Once you’ve experienced the power of positive self-talk, use it everyday. “I can do it!” and “I am so smart!” are two of my favorite conversation starters. And, yes, you were here when I made the public announcement—I talk to myself.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Past Stress—A Powerful Incantation

  1. Vicki, thanks for this wonderful post! You echo what my husband and I do all the time: remind each other that “everything’s going to be OK.” That’s all we need to be able to breathe more deeply and relax, as your friend did.

    This is one of my favorite topics, so I’ve written a lot of blog posts and such about my shifting relationship with my self-talk. “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers has heavily influenced me. Her affirmations of “Everything is happening perfectly” and “Whatever happens, I can handle it” changed my life!!

    Thanks for sharing your discovery, Vicki!

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