An Energy Bar Adventure

What remains of my adventureI rarely crave energy bars. As a matter of fact, it had been close to a year since I had eaten one. Over the last couple weeks, however, I was practically addicted to them—devouring at least two a day. What happened, you’re wondering. Was it the latest and greatest new bar on the market or a friend’s recommendation of an old favorite?

Neither. It started with a trip to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple non-related items. I’m a known store wanderer. You’ve seen them—strolling slowly as if waiting for someone to join them with a glazed look indicative of a low blood sugar episode.

It had been a few hours since I had eaten—I could feel my blood sugar dropping. Seeing the wall of bulk food tubes raised a dormant desire to eat chocolate along with my pulse. Instead, I seized the moment and starting emptying the contents of random tubes into the provided plastic bags—three types of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew pieces, walnuts, peanuts, plain granola with a few raisins and carob chips.

I headed to the cashier. My bulk items came to just over $6. Energy bars, made my way, were only a mixing bowl away.

Surprisingly, I managed to keep from tearing into the bags on the way home. Needing to eat in short order, I opted for lunch instead. The energy bar experiment would have to wait a day.

The next morning, anxious to get started, I preheated the oven to 350°.  My purchases were dumped into a big mixing bowl. From the cupboard, I added sliced almonds, buckwheat flour, almond flour, protein powder, unsweetened coconut, xanthan gum, almond butter, unrefined coconut oil and a few squirts of honey. From the fridge, I pulled and added an egg white and ground flax seed. I was filled growing anticipation. Would they crumble into bite size pieces like my last attempt at energy bars?

After mixing thoroughly, the bowl, now filled to the brim, was turned over on a piece of parchment paper laid on a large cookie sheet. The stiff mix was tamed and rolled with coconut oil covered hands and rolling pin. Reaching just the edge of the sheet and ½” thick, I used a knife to cut bars and separate them slightly. Into the oven they went.

Ten minutes later they were cooling on the cupboard. A week and a half later, you’re seeing a photo of the last bar standing. It will be gone soon.

For about $8, I had an entire large re-sealable bag filled with healthy, high protein bars with very little sugar and lots of nutty, chewy goodness. Fred Meyer, here I come! Another batch of Vicki’s Very Nutty Bars will be in the bag and calling to me by this weekend.



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