Thank You…Power Words That Pay

A card more sweeter than a valentine

A card more sweet than a valentine

Rarely are we presented with such an easy task that wields so much power and an opportunity to improve our business. I am always moved when I find a thank you note in my mail. The card sender automatically earns space in my thoughts.

Early in my career, a manager that hired me shared that it was a tough decision as there were many good candidates. I, though, was the only one to write a thank you note. An inexpensive note card and five minutes to write and mail it had set me apart (and all along I had thought it was my intellect and charisma!).

We live in a digital world but the most sensational ecard or the most eloquently crafted email simply cannot rival a good, old-fashioned, hand written thank you card. Pick up a box of thank you notes this weekend while you’re searching for that last minute Valentine’s card and try sending a few next week.

What warrants a thank you card? Landing a new client would certainly qualify but someone who said just the right thing and made your day just a little better would be worthy, too. Maybe you’ve been trying to reach a potential client on the phone and were finally successful. Thank them for their time (and include your business card, of course!).

It feels good to be appreciated. I guarantee that a few simple, sincere sentences expressing your gratitude will be rewarded. Use this tool to set yourself apart and watch your business and relationships grow.


Do they think of you first?

Make sure you stand out from your competition.

Make sure you stand out from your competition.

We see businesses come and go. None of us want to fall into the latter category.

So many factors play a role in our success, but there are a few universal points to keep you on the side of success.

Exposure This is a broad topic we’ll delve into more in future postings. The bottom line, though, is that your customer must know you exist. And since our busy minds tend to be forgetful, they must be constantly reminded. So often over the years I see people with a great idea open the doors of their business believing people will come. Great ideas don’t make people buy your product. Knowing how great your idea is does.

There are many ways to build exposure—advertising, promotions, publicity, and more. We’ve worked with budgets of all sizes to find the ideal way to get the word out. In today’s digital world, the task has become even easier.

Customer Service Customers that feel cared for return. Everyone on your staff is a customer service representative regardless of what department they work in. I’ve been re-reading How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I think it should be on the bookshelf of every business (or better yet—in the hands of a staff member!). Published in 1936, the information still rings true.
Be aware of your customers needs and work hard to satisfy them. Let your staff know what you expect and remember the small things count, too. Have you ever noticed how a smile and kind word can change a less than stellar day? Your customers do.

Knowledge In our fast changing world, it’s critical to know what’s going on in the world around you. Make it a point every day to not only read the paper and watch the news but to learn more about your industry. Read business magazines and trade journals. Follow trends and what your competition is doing. Keep an open mind and always ask yourself, what can we do better?
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—by Vicki Dar