What Is A Blog

istock_000006057864xsmall2There are well over 100 million blogs on the internet today. Yet, I am frequently asked, “So what exactly is a blog”. Originally, blogs were used simply as online journals—a place for people to log their thoughts, adventures and daily activites.

Today the humble blog, derived from weblog, has evolved into its own social platform. Although still used to chronicle the lives of individuals, blogs now discuss, educate and offer enlightened observation on every topic of interest imaginable.

Blogs usually have a single author who keep the site updated. To the unseasoned eye, it can be difficult to distinguish between a blog and website. It’s simple to find blogs to read if you’re looking for examples. Pick an interest. Type it into your favorite search engine, i.e., cat blog, travel blog, etc.

Start clicking through and prepare to watch hours (maybe even days!) disappear. I should note here that unless used judiciously, blogs can be hazardous to your productivity (and maybe your health—hmmm, 10pm…did I eat dinner?). So, back to our topic…some of the components you’ll almost always encounter are the most recent post, an author bio, an archive of previous blog articles, a link to subscribe to future posts and a place to interact and comment. Depending on the goal of the blog host, you might also find advertising.

Blogging can be fun and one of the most cost effective ways to stay in touch with your customers if you have a business. There are several free or very affordable platforms to help get you underway. I use WordPress. I like the format. Others to explore are Blogger or Typepad.

About now, you may be saying, “But I can’t write!” A successful blog does require a time commitment but keep in mind you’re not crafting the next bestselling novel. It’s your blog and people expect a conversation tone and your voice.

Blogs were almost non-existent ten years ago and now, for many of us, they’re part of our daily routine. Maybe it’s time you joined in the fun? Another day and another time we’ll talk about how it can even make you money.

Time strapped companies should keep in mind we offer blog set-up and ghostwriting services. Like our tagline says—We make you look extraordinary!


Help! I Can’t Write—5 Tips to Make You A Better Writer

Start writing today

Start writing today

Writer’s block is an all too real term for many of us. Whether you’re writing a book or a letter, that horrible feeling that your brain is paralyzed and your creative thoughts suspended in time can be overwhelming.

Here are 5 tips that will make writing easier, faster and better:

Read Learn to distinguish good writing. Ask yourself what made it good and how you can use the same techniques. Pay close attention to titles, headlines and first paragraph. This is what drew you in.

Be aware Make an effort to learn something new every day. Feed your mind ideas and resources you can draw on.

Research your topic The more you know about your topic the easier it is to write about it. Look for the three most interesting aspects.

Organize Write an outline. Include details that support your points. Remember the outline is not set in stone. It can always change, but will help you stay focused as you write.

Start writing Let your outline be your guide. Write a first draft. Perfection is not required. Allow yourself time. The key to good writing is rewriting. The more you write, the better you’ll write.

Try to enjoy the process. If you still feel stuck, at Eagle Publishing, we write every day and we’d love to write or fine tune your writing for you.